Black Booby – Hot Scotch EP


Hot on the heels of Black Booby Volume 1 is the second installment from the alter-ego of Richard Rogers, a London-based dance music veteran whose love of disco, soul and funk makes for a lively and liberated sort of production.

A very limited edition pressing – you’d be lucky to have gotten hold of one back in February – but if you did, you bagged an absolute treat.

Black Booby loops, twists and pastes Gwen Guthrie’s 1983 number ‘Hot Scotch’ into an altogether chunkier eight and a half minute dancefloor beast. The funky guitar licks lead into a bombastic disco bassline before a flurry of jazz horns and chord stabs collide for an ecstatic chorus.

On the flip, ‘Green Need’ plunders similarly vintage vaults, a rugged edit of Al Green that wields some particularly rusty percussive hits. It’s a bumpy, beguiling hybrid of steely Detroit repetitiousness and misty-eyed soul.

Lastly, ‘Fill My Cup’ is as free and loose as a ten minute freestyle session, laying down a zealous bongo rhythm under dancing piano keys and wiggling saxophones. Some of the loops sound a little too cut and paste – a touch heavy-handed – but why split hairs when it all sounds this free-spirited?

Black Booby | Vinyl | Released: February

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