Lord Of The Isles – Greane / Gigha


Lord Of The Isles continues to churn out quality music at a prolific rate. Here the Scotsman lays down two lengthy tracks on Phonica, each a cosmic disco epic in its own right. ‘Greane’ starts with  a medley of hollowed kicks before launching into a buoyant surge of pitch-bent synths and malleable basslines. The track pulses forward determinedly, flexing its retro-futuristic muscles, stopping only once or twice during its 10 minute runtime for stand-still breakdown, before bursting back into life. ‘Gigha’ treads similarly colourful territory with its cheerful synths, but behind lies a hum of rising, emotive strings.

Two typically intriguing tracks from Lord Of The Isles.

Phonica | July | vinyl, digital

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