Richard From Milwaukee – Free Love


Richard From Milwaukee returns to DJ Kaos’ Jolly Jams imprint with an enthralling take on 80’s pop and cosmic disco. ‘Free Love’ works with a future-retro template and then ramps it up tenfold. Enter insatiable, scratching slide guitars bolstered by a frenetic medley of bongos, toms and live hats. Add a tasty female vocal sample and some laser-pulsing synths and you’ve got a genuine slice of space-age disco circa 1985.

Disco edit supremo Dr Dunks steps up to the plate with a monstrous 18 minute version, capitalising on the propulsive groove of the original and stretching it into an urgent, jittery cosmic epic. Given its neverending running time, it’s remarkable that Dunks keeps up the sheer unrelenting momentum of the thing.

There’s also a more laidback rework from Fernando, but it’s the original and Dunks’ edit that steal the show here.

Jolly Jams | May | Formats: digital, vinyl

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