Baba Stiltz – Our Girls


The sometimes oddball, always interesting Studio Barnhus imprint turns in a typically colourful release. 20-year-old Stockholm native Baba Stiltz provides three versions of one track, playing around with the tempo and arrangement on each. Its sprightly, shimmering synths are reminiscent of The Rhythm Odyssey & Dr Dunks’ quirky gem ‘Circles’. Just like that bubbly cut, ‘Our Girls’ offsets the sweet, fuzzy melody with a deliciously raw snare hit – making for an irresistible groove.

A1, at 117BPM, nails the summery and cartoony slow-burner vibe best. A2 is a more robotic take, with much of the original’s bouyancy stripped out so that it is a flatter, techno-indebted journey. A3 slows it down to a lumbering 91BPM – achingly, painfully slow.

Studio Barnhus | September | Format: vinyl, digital

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