Mix Of The Week: Inkswel

Inkswel turns in the latest mix for Melbourne Deepcast – a groove-laden journey of deep, percussive house music:

In Inkswell’s own words: “This was recorded live at local Adelaide haunt SOUNDPOND, an online radio station. Just a collection of everything …


Mix Of The Week: Ruf Dug

Ruf Dug lays down an hour’s worth of tough and sturdy beats, spanning raw jacker, cosmic synths and big-room techno.

Ruf Dug Mix for Intergalactic FM


Mix Of The Week: Chicago Damn

UK-based producer Chicago Damn turns in a mix for his pals at Wolf Recordings, typically switching between light-footed jazz samples, dusty percussion, stomping house and raw acid. Lovely stuff.

WOLF Music Presents…Chicago Damn

1. That one with a black label …


Mix Of The Week: Norm De Plume

London DJ Norm De Plume mixes 60 minutes worth of tracks, drawing on Delusions of Grandeur and his own his own vinyl-only edits imprint Plumage. Expect silky smooth deep house and low-slung disco grooves from start to finish.

Norm De


Mix Of The Week: Tito Wun

Damiano von Erckert has been getting a lot of press lately thanks to his fantastic two  LPs last year. But Tito Wun is the unsung hero of Mr. Pink, What Have You Been Smokin’? serving up the highlight with the …


Mano Le Tough – Sorry Is A Useless Word

The second B-side on Mano Le Tough’s Tempus EP is an off-kilter house track; part tinkling melodies, part broken tribal percussion.…


Maxi Mill – Speed Balance Weight

High-energy, syncopated drum programming and a cut-up vocal sample abound in this dancefloor-oriented Rush Hour release.…


Martyn – Bad Chicago

Taken from the Think And Change comp on Nonplus Records, Martyn merges an eerie melody with sharp, organic house hits.…

6th borough

6th Borough Project – U Know U

Repetitious, low-slung house goodness from our favourite production duo 6th Borough Project. Perfect warm-up fodder.



Jana Koubkova – Nijana

Czech jazz singer Jana Koubkova’s little-known Afro-pop gem ‘Nijana’ is a lovely slice of downbeat tropical funk. Appeared on last year’s Balearica 15 vinyl-only release.…

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