Crystal & S. Koshi – Break The Dawn / From Red To Violet


Beats In Space is an online radio show that has wormed its way into the collective psyche thanks in no small part to the charisma and loveable enthusiasm of its host and creator Tim Sweeney. The New Yorker’s knack for unearthing obscure and often melodic electronic music gave birth to the Beats in Space imprint back in 2011. The label’s running theme – if any – has been a delicate and cosmic sort of electronic music. But its tenth release Break The Dawn is a something of a deviation.

The A-side is a wild rave-house throwback, in the vein of Surkin’s glitchy, piano-led assaults that threw in every old-school trope in the book. Here Tokyo-based producer Crystal does much the same, albeit with an elegantly repetitious progression. The essential hallmarks are all correct and present: glacial piano chord stabs; blissed-out synths; and a wailing diva vocal stuttered over and over. It’s gloriously ecstatic, if a tad OTT for some people’s tastes.

Returning to the BiS we’re accustomed to, the more restrained B-side is arguably the trump card. In fact, dropped at the right time, this could be the bigger banger of the two. Starting with a dusty funk intro and jingling keys, the track energetically drops in and out of a jittery, driving bassline – and of course is fitted with another hefty dollop of retro.

Beats in Space | September | Format: vinyl, digital

A. Break The Dawn
B. From Red To Violet

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