Doc Daneeka – Walk On In feat. Ratcatcher


You never quite know what sort of production Doc Daneeka is going to serve up, but the one constant is quality. Oh, and he often likes to insert that misty-eyed sound of crackling vinyl (which he laid over the similarly rusty ‘Hold On’).

The artificial vinyl pops and crackles certainly suit this release, which hangs on a downtrodden, vintage sort of soul. The vocal is a female croon clipped into an urgent wail; the raw-house percussion dusty and sturdily repetitious. The latter half sees it build slowly and assuredly, swirling upwards, and the payoff takes some time to arrive, but when it does it’s a satisfying monolith of tough snare and bass.

Not as impressive as the A-side, ‘Trife Pt. II’ is more akin to Daneeka’s garage-leaning past, with gently skipping rhythms and snapping beats. As it goes on it morphs from bubbling garage bass to shimmering synths and icy soundscapes, but it doesn’t have the brute force or clever simplicity of ‘Walk On In’.

Numbers | November | vinyl, digital

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