FCL – Holding Our Nick


It is hard not to at least make mention of FCL’s last release ‘It’s You’ – a limited 12” which quickly gave rise to inflated Discogs prices and trading of online vinyl rips. It was a lovely, straightforward acapella tool that, thanks to the antagonistic and hype-laden nature of the internet, is now forever tainted by a bitter dispute between an indignant FCL and bitchy internet trolls.

But the less said about the whole ‘It’s You’ fracas the better; FCL should be famed for their excellent, if infrequent releases on the likes of We Play House and Delusions of Grandeur – ‘Used To Be’, ‘Let’s Go’ and ‘More Than Seven’ are all modern-day house classics.

Red D and San Soda return to the robust analogue beats for which they’re best known on new single ‘Holding Our Nick’. Brittle hats and snappy snappy snares lead into a big ol’ rounded bassline that is as leisurely as it is rolling. The grizzled male vocal adds some welcome soul to the machine rhythms.

Dutch newcomer Frits Wentick adds some clinking Detroit drums and a few compressed horns, coming on like a Jesse Rose production circa 2008. Locked Groove underlays jittery organ bass, making for an altogether darker beast.

‘Holding Our Nick’ is enjoyable, if a touch underwhelming in light of FCL’s illustrious discography.

20:20 Vision | October | Format: vinyl, digital

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