Isolee – Dennis


2013 is fast becoming a year for some really great house music. Whilst it may be easy to get frustrated with the amount of sub-standard, generic house being absorbed by the 2-stepping snap back crews from Essex, there still remains a constant flow of refreshingly original productions.

If Isolee’s ‘Allowance’, released earlier this year on Pampa, was anything to go by then ‘Dennis’ should have been a showstopper. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite hit those lofty heights, but ‘Dennis’ is still a great single. It has that minimal aesthetic we’ve come to expect from Isolee whilst creating an entrancing atmosphere akin to someone like James Holden or Four Tet. (That may even be why it’s been included in the soundtrack to this skate video.)

Ripperton’s edit brings a bit more weight to the track, making it more suitable for peak-time play, whilst Baikal creates a more eerie sound with some sharp shakes.

By Tom Rae

Tamed Music | June | Format: vinyl, digital

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