James Murphy sues fellow DFA founder Tim Goldsworthy

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LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and his New York label DFA Records have filed a law suit against Tim Goldsworthy at Manhattan Civil Supreme Court last Friday. DFA cite failure to perform services promised, outstanding loans and improper use of the company’s credit card and bank account as reason for its law suit.

The recent legal action follows on from the mysterious circumstances of Goldsworthy’s return to the UK from New York in 2010. It appears Goldsworthy and the remaining founders of DFA, James Murphy and Jonathan Galkin, disagreed on whether or not the Brit had formally left the label in 2010. Galkin stated at the time: “We have had no word from him [Goldsworthy] since he left the United States. So we moved on with our lives and our business.”

Goldsworthy, the former UNKLE musician, responded saying: “I haven’t left. If that was the case then, well, Murphy’s never there, ‘cause he’s always touring or in the studio, so that would mean he left, I don’t know, nine years ago or something?”

After having founded DFA in 2001 together with Galkin, the Murphy-Goldsworthy production partnership had a heavy hand in shaping the dance-punk sound that emerged in the late 2000s.

Since the unofficial break-up of DFA’s founding team back in 2010, Goldsworthy has kept himself busy producing in the UK including tracks for pop-singer Little Boots. Murphy has been putting in some studio time with Arcade Fire and has produced a track on the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s upcoming album Mosquito.

By Georgina Burks


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