Komon & Appleblim – Gas Jam / Silencio


Releasing on his own imprint, Appleblim again teams up with Komon, otherwise known as Komonazmuk, a former member of drum & bass group Ice Minus. Appleblim’s acclaimed experimental and minimalist take on bass and techno music is an interesting contrast to Komon’s more boisterous UK garage and low-end wallop.

Resulting from a live studio jam, the Bristolian pair turn in two distinctly housed-up cuts. The title track works a thudding bass drum for the first two and a half minutes before launching into a rolling, bumper – the bassline buoyant but anchored by a low, dragging sort of weight. ‘Silencio’, meanwhile, is more introverted: retro 80s synth lines bend, twist and shimmer with a mind of their own amidst dry and sturdy claps.

The fun and tentatively kooky ‘Gas Jam’ stands above your usual garage-house hybrid stuff but, given Appleblim’s credentials, falls short of his more reigned in productions. ‘Silencio’, on the other hand, with its lumbering chug and morphing synths, offers something a little more intriguing.

Apple Pips | Released: March

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