Mix Of The Week: Chicago Damn


UK-based producer Chicago Damn turns in a mix for his pals at Wolf Recordings, typically switching between light-footed jazz samples, dusty percussion, stomping house and raw acid. Lovely stuff.

WOLF Music Presents…Chicago Damn

1. That one with a black label with four edits on by Rick Wilhite.
2. Rondenion “Deep Step” Rondabout Sounds
3. Mosca “No Splice No Playback”
4. Octa Octa “Through The Haze” Argot
5. Jared Wilson “Best Game” Cinematic
6. Jay Daniel “The one with the mad drums in it” Sound Signature
7. Frak “Matador EP” Frak
8. Omar S “Plestek Cosmodrome” FXHE
9. Magic Mountain High “Riptide” Off Minor
10. Dion & Tony “1015″ Rush Hour
11. Metrodome “909 Lovin” Red Laser Recordsssssss
12. City 2 City “Way of Life” Cinematic

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