Pioneer’s new DJ system uses iPod dock


Has Pioneer signaled a new age of mixing in the unveiling of its latest DJ system, the XDJ-R? The high-tech all-in-one system allows you to switch between CDs, USB and MIDI. The decks, which also features a mixer, can be remotely controlled using iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

The XDJ-R1 also sports an enhanced sync button, meaning that the user does not need to beatmatch. This feature, for many, will stoke the ongoing digital vs vinyl debate. The advent of digital DJing has encouraged lazy mixing styles, whereby DJs increasingly use their eyes rather than their ears to mix.

However, the new system will allow you to beatmatch manually – as with ordinary CDJs – and is undeniably impressive in its fusion of all digital formats.

The Pioneer XDJ-R1 is available later this month at £859.

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