Solomun – Yesnomaybe


Although the lyrics on Solumun’s latest have already been chastised by an on-point Resident Advisor review, it would be negligent of me to not at least make mention of the frankly chauvinistic – morally reprehensible, even – chorus “cos if a lady says no, she means yes” on the ‘Summer Began’ remix. A sinister line that surely can only be in reference to sexual advances…

Offensive lyrics aside, the singing itself is some of the worst to desecrate a dance track this side of the millennium: a mainstream emo wail is placed over some ill-adviced EDM electro. It is clear ‘Yesnomaybe’ aspires to a certain type of brash tech-house, but even on those terms it fails: the vocal just doesn’t fit with its reverberating, dark-edged synth line.

The yowl is so all-encompassing you’d expect the dub version to be a vast improvement. But stripping away the vocals only reveals how brazenly simplistic and lazy the rest of the production is, with little track progression or textures besides a warping, cartoony bassline.

My review wouldn’t be quite so damning if the offending release didn’t come from such an accomplished producer, Diynamic head-honcho Solomun – responsible for countless classics (see ‘Love Recycled’, ‘Sisi’, ‘Carnivale’ and plenty more). The only possible explanation for this spectacular fall from grace is that Solomun is eyeing an easy buck – there is no doubting this will clean up on the brostep / EDM circuit.

Diynamic | June | Formats: digital, vinyl

A1 YesNoMaybe
A2 YesNoMaybe (Dub)
B YesNoMaybe (Summer Began Mix)

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