Warehouse Project introduces drug testing


Following the death of a 30 year old and the hospitalisation of 12 others at the Warehouse Project in Manchester, a new drug testing scheme has been put into place.

When the term ‘drug testing’ is used in reference to a night club, the first instinct is to assume that the venue will be testing its customers to see if they are on any illegal substances. However, following the tragic incident last week where a dealer inside Warehouse Project was found distributing contaminated drugs, the venue in collaboration with the Home Office and drugs charity The Loop have developed a scheme in which partygoers can test their own drugs to see if they have been cut with any poisonous substances.

Warehouse Project’s on-site, government-employed scientists will be able to test drugs that are confiscated as well as those that are voluntarily handed in. Warnings will subsequently be shared via social media channels.  Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Warehouse Project organisers said the scheme was already in the pipeline prior to the weekend’s events.

The scheme is being run by the Centre for Applied Science and Technology, a department of the Home Office which employs engineers and scientists to try and develop solutions to tackle crime and drug abuse. They will report their finding to ministers.

Additional measures taken by the club include increased security inside the club and additional air conditioning units.

By Georgina Burks 


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