Zomby and Hudson Mohawke involved in fight at XOYO


It is hard to keep up with the infinitely petty world of DJ Twitter beef. But we try our best. And here’s a tip: keep one eye on Zomby’s Twitter account and you are bound to stumble across all manner of  virtual brawls. Imagine our surprise then, when it emerged that Zomby appeared to have taken part in an actual physical brawl.

According to reports, Zomby and Hudson Mohawke were involved in a fracas at London’s XOYO last Friday. The alleged altercation took place during Benji B’s Deviation night, where Zomby was playing alongside artists from his Cult Music imprint.

This blood and thunder tale is unfortunately sapped by the fact no one  has any idea what actually happened. What we do know, however, is the ever-contentious Zomby tweeted shortly after the gig: ”Let him talk all the shit he wants he just caught 3 in the face LOL”

Fighting talk, which we can only deduce refers to punches thrown after an affront from Hudson Mohawke.

Hudson Mohawke responded with:”Poor @ZombyMusic thought I should apologise in his face after wearing socks worth more than his entire outfit. But apparently non :/”

A tweet from Zomby was also sent showing what is thought to be his bleeding knuckles with the caption”Seen cut thumb from hudmo teeth. Next time xx”. The tweet, along with some others, has since been deleted.

Following a deluge of Twitter buzz around the incident, HuMO asked his fans to settle down and put an end to the beef.

Until next time folks: Zomby vs Goliath.



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