Boston’s finest with another free EP

If you haven’t heard of Soul Clap you’ve either been living under a rock for the last year or you simply don’t ‘get’ disco (and you certainly haven’t been reading this blog – shame on you). It’s ok, I didn’t really get disco until recently either. But to all you fearful disco-naysayers, Boston’s dynamic duo bring the sound disguised in an palatabley stripped-down, super-smooth, r’n'b-laced form, that goes both funky and deep. That’s the winning formula: deeper-than-deep house plus subtle but distinctive disco grooves. (See also Jamie Jones, Lee Foss (combined = Hot Natured), No Regular Play, Wolf + Lamb, Todd Terje, etc.)

I won’t go off on another rant about pop edits. But needless to say, Soul Clap kicked off a bit of a shitstorm with their R’n'B Edits EP over at Resident Advisor. Since then, Nicolas Jaar has handed out a free pop edits EP and now fellow label-mates Soul Clap are following suit. First, though, here’s a free track from the controversial r’n'b Edits EP: an edit of the Lonnie Liston Smith’s 80s classic ‘Dreams of Tomorrow’. Soul Clap brandish their typical combination of bass pads, gentle kicks and that blissful swirl of the soulful vocals.

Soul Clap – Dreams of Tomorrow

Of all of Soul Clap’s edits, however, it’s still ‘Baker Man’, ‘Dreams’ and ‘Wicked Games’ that really do it for me.
So, over a year since their Rnb Free EP, and Soul Clap have another free EP, featuring music from Wolf + Lamb’s No Regular Play, NavBox hailing from Washington DC, Leeds based Death On The Balcony, and, of course, Soul Clap themselves.
NavBox, like Soul Clap, hit with sharp and short kicks and some 80s soul, with generous twangs of funky bass:
NavBox – He Likes You Too [pelski highly recommends]
Death On The Balcony rejigg a familiar classic – bringing slow, rolling bass and some big strutting drums:

Death On The Balcony – Cruel Banana [pelski highly recommends]

NRP offer up more of a subdued track, with a drudging bassline and choppy beats:

No Regular Play – Strange Cameo

Soul Clap’s addition, with its 808 claps and hip hop samples, pushes a dusty, old school vibe:
Soul Clap – Fallin’ From The Sky

Bonus: the highlight from Soul Clap’s last freE.P:

Soul Clap – Rock The Boat [pelski highly recommends]
  • mirbumms

    at times he just fastens tracks up. which for me ruins bakerman for example!

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