The Man Who Would Be King (of Detroit)

Model 500 AKA techno pioneer Juan Atkins returns with some additional members: Underground Resistance’s ‘Mad’ Mike Banks, Mark Taylor (i.e. Vintage Future) and Dj Skurge. The new Model 500′s first EP together is a stormer: Huesca serves up some big, beefy techno, whilst flirting with the progressive house template – but producing in my opinion an all-together better looking mutation. Big subby beats come thumping down amidst the raw, wavering screech of a fractious synth. Deep, chuggy techno:
Model 500 – Huesca [pelski highly recommends] {buy}
The title track is arguably even better, boasting a squirming electro bassline that wriggles uncontrollably behind Model 500′s crisp Detroit drums. Grab the whole thing here.
Bonus: completely unrelated, but given away for free by Juno – not one of Julian Jeweil’s best efforts, but nonetheless a decent production:

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