Brioski – Late Night EP


Naturally, I am enamoured to any artist with a ‘-ski’ at the end of their name… The latest signing to Brooklyn-based label Throne Of Blood is Brioski, fresh from his Boot & Tax project on Optimo’s label, serving up a strangely noxious concoction of techno and slow-burning disco-house.

All four tracks vary from slow to mid-tempo, but the EP manages to ply a lumbering quality throughout. The result is a woozy collection of characterful house music.

The opening track is a propulsive, faintly psychedelic house trip that eddies with reverberating synths and thrumming bass. ‘Hey Gringo’ follows with a pitched-down funk swagger – deep bassline and 108 bpm tempo.  ‘Let Me Hit’ continues the late night hazy aesthetic, draping its clattering claps and bumbling bassline in a darkened fog.

Closing number ‘Rough Sailor is arguably the most interesting, laying a gurgling pulse of haywire techno sonics. The eructing electro bass and steel-cold Detroit percussion make for a menacing closing track.

Heady stuff – and yet another intriguing Throne of Blood release.

Throne of Blood | December | vinyl, mp3

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