CTEPEO ’57 – The Missouri Breaks EP


CTEPEO ’57′s debut EP dropped on Tartelet Records at the end of last year to mixed reviews. Stuffed full of brittle 808 drums and cosmic sonics that included everything from white noise to tape hiss, it was finely produced, albeit off-kilter house music. But, thanks to the mish-mash of lo-fi sounds, there was something indeterminable about each track – it was most effective when it stuck to a sturdy beat as opposed to experimental electronics.

This freebie is much of the same – certain elements are really fantastic, but they are washed away by downbeat atmospherics during the mid-section.  It starts with a wonderful clattering metallic 808 intro and a hint of exotic percussion, before a fuzzy, faintly melodic breakdown enters, before picking up again in the second half.

CTEPEO ’57 – Space Race

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