Nirosta Steel – Everything Erik MacQueen (Gunnard Mix)


Following our recent five star review of Nirosta Steel’s ‘Foxy Pup’ on Hollie Records, we have a freebie from the same producer (AKA Steven Hall) who offers up a cover of Erik MacQueen’s song of the same title. Steven’s charming voice is backed by some shuffling percussion and faint, dancing strings. A lovely, soulful song that gets better with every listen.

Erik MacQueen is the first singer/songwriter signed to the new Buddhist Army label – the release is due June.

Nirosta Steel – EVERYTHING (Erik MacQueen) Gunnard Mix 

  • Steven Hall (Nirosta Steel)

    this is Erik’s song but it is my cover of it–my vocal–Erik’s own version will be out this summer!

  • Pelski

    Haha, keep getting the facts wrong. Ok we’ve amended it now!

  • Steven Hall (Nirosta Steel)

    thanks for the correction–and the nice review!

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