Prins Thomas – Bobletekno & Flau Pappadans Versions


Anyone who’s been lucky enough to catch one of Prins Thomas’ DJ sets will know he takes a refreshing ‘anything-goes’ approach – laying bare a weird and wonderful spectrum of house and disco. The same can be said for the Norwegian’s productions: idiosyncratic without ever spilling into the contrived or overly quaint, but still utterly groove-focused.

Here we have a remix package with three versions of album track “Bobletekno” and one of “Flau Pappadans”.

The original “Bobletekno” is, frankly, a bit of an oddball construction, all squelching synths and fluttering reverberation. But the remixes smooth it out a bit, starting with the Kambo Super Sound’s ‘melodica kutt’, a lumbering, dub-reggae rework that hangs on a hazily romantic melody (which sounds like it might be a French accordion) bolstered by a bobbing piano and bongo line. He offers up a dub version that barely diverges from his ‘melodica kutt’, apart from the absence of the accordion melody.

The highlight however comes from Sex Tags Mania boss DJ Fett Burger. True to form, he brings a restrained take on ‘Flau Pappadans’ that slowly but surely unfolds into a more freakish beast. Starting with a minimalist hand-tap bongo groove and an impossibly low-slung bassline, Fett Burger morphs and contorts the progression with erratic laser synths and awry bleeps, before returning to a flurry of organic percussion for the final stretch.

Plus One, as you might expect, turns in the shiniest version, full of shimmering synth pulses and steel-tipped percussion. It’s a gleefully retro track to the point of cartooniness, but takes off once a more buoyant groove takes hold in the second half.

Full Pupp | July | Format: vinyl

A1. Bobletekno (Kambo Super Sound Møter Prins Thomas i Bobledub – Melodica Kutt)
A2. Flau Pappadans (DJ Fett Burger’s Tællekæll Mix)
B1. Bobletekno (Kambo Super Sound møter Prins Thomas i Bobledub – Dub Kutt)
B2. Bobletekno (Plus One Remix)

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