Rayko – Rock My World


Rayko is one of those producers who hammers out releases at such a monstrous rate that it’s hard to keep up. Due to the sheer quantity of output he’s not the kind of producer whose every track you await with eager anticipation. Although a lot of his material is excellent, a great deal is throw-away edit fodder (the sort of stuff Soundcloud is awash with).

‘Rock My World’, however, is rather good. It has a neat attention to arrangement and groove: unpretentious – yet not exactly subtle – there’s a charming plainness. The piano chords are short and stunted; the stuttering rhythm, chunky and rolling. The first two and a half minutes are deep house at its sunniest and most divine, and then the saccharine Michael Jackson vocal sample comes in…

Some might file this under ‘guilty pleasure’ (and not just because it samples Jacko). But it also has an undeniable groove and soul – and wears its cheekiness on its sleeve.

A Balearic number that’ll have day time parties bouncing and, with any luck, grinning.

Retrospective | July | Format: vinyl, digital

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